You Jerk ! (Chicken)

7/13/2016 Review of Clive’s Café’s Jerk Chicken by Aurora Baksh-Espinal

Today my taste buds take me to the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, FL. I set out to give Clive Café’s Jerk Chicken a try. While on my way to Clive’s Cafe I was a bit distracted and almost drove right by. But, fortunately there were a lot of signs that caught my attention and I was able to quickly pull over and park. Clive’s Café has a small parking lot making it easy to visit this restaurant. I asked the lady behind the counter if they had any lunch specials. She stated they did and it was a small selection and she stated the portion was small. So, I opted to get the regular size meal. I decided to order a small Jerk Chicken and a slice of banana cake with a kola soda.

The wait for the food seemed like an eternity. When I finally got the food I opened the container to see that the portion looked small. The cashier’s explanation of the lunch special left me with an expectation of a larger portion. When I opened the container I noticed the rice and peas had no gravy on it and looked kind of dry. So, I asked for some gravy to go over the rice. I was given a small portion of jerk sauce to go with my meal. I didn’t bother to try it until half way through the meal. I found the jerk chicken to be rather dry and flavorless. I would have preferred if the chicken was basted more in the sauce and a bit spicier. I guess they opted to make it like this top appeal to tourist. My meal came with a choice of two sides. I chose the rice and peas and potato salad. The potato salad was delicious it has a rich yellow color with bite size pieces of potato and had a slight sweet taste to it. I found it quite delicious; it was the highlight of the meal.

The banana cake was also a disaopintment it was a bit dry and had no real taste of banana. There was nothing special about it. It didn’t even have a satisfactory sweet taste to it to make up for the lack of banana flavor. I most likely will not be going back to Clive’s Café because overall the food was lacking in flavor and nothing special. If I do happen to pass by I would probably grab a side of the potato salad. But, I most likely won’t make a trip out to eat at this resataraunt.